Ice Packs (6 Pcs)

  • Cool Reusable Freezer Pack
  • Latest Colorful Cold Packs
  • Keep Your Food and Beverage Fresh & Cold
  • Ice Pack for Lunch Box, Cooler & Cooler Bag
  • Outdoor Events, Picnic, Fishing & Camping Trips etc.
ice packs design specification

High quality Freezer Pack

  • Made from highest quality materials available
  • Long lasting, high-efficient and safe
  • BPA-free and non-toxic
  • Super Light, compact design
  • Dimensions: 2.1x4.1x0.8-Inches
  • Latest colorful fun design

The right ice packs

reusable freezer pack

Wherever you travel, fish, hunt or camp or any other outside activities that requires to carry away with you food and beverage, you need to keep everything fresh and chilled. The Trendy Bartenders 6 pack ice freezers GUARANTEES TO KEEP YOUR FOOD AND BEVERAGE COLD AND FRESH! Innovative, high performance these coolers saves you money, time, water and energy while keeping your cooler contents fresh and cold.

The 6 pack ice freezers by Trendy Bartenders for lunch boxes and cooler containers are made from the highest quality materials available. There are 2 ice freezers of each color and they come in three different colors, green, blue and pink.

One of the best COOLING AGENT available on the market comes with the following features.

  • Perfectly fits into almost all kinds of boxes and bags
  • Highest quality materials available
  • Long lasting, high-efficient and safe
  • Can also be used as boo boo ice packs
  • BPA-free and non-toxic

Do You experience problems having a Ice Pack not fitting into your Lunchbox or Cooler? That problem is Gone!

  • These Colorful Ice Packs are Compact, Long-lasting and Do The Job! » Enjoy the smooth and colorful designed freezer packs every day.
  • Comes in 6-pack so you always have a cool one available
  • Easy to bring a long for the short trip as well as the long trip
  • Always keep your refreshments chilled on a hot summer day

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Get your new Ice Packs

DISCLAIMER: Due to natural phenomena condensation may appear. Keep out of Children’s reach!

4.4 / 5 Amazon review

These ice packs are perfect for kids' lunch boxes. I use two per lunch box. Because of their size they are easy to arrange as needed. I pack the lunches at 5:45am and the last lunch period is at 12:45 and the food and drink are still cold.

igot378 -Amazon customer